Referee registration for Goalball Lady Intercup 2023

The organisation FIFH Malmö welcomes you to the “Malmö Lady Intercup 2022” as one of our great referees. We will have ten teams participating this year and we have two more teams on the waiting-list. The participating teams will be Great Britain, Spain, France, Sweden, Israel, USA, Denmark, Greece, Canada and Japan. On the waiting-list we have Finland and Ukraine.

Russia had entered the tournament too but due to the situation in Europe right now the Swedish Parasport Federation in co-operation with IOC, IPC and FIFH Malmö has made a decision to not allow any Russian or Belarusian teams, athletes, coaches or officials at events in Sweden which means that their entry was cancelled. Regarding the Ukrainian team we are in contact with them and follow their situation,

Now we will start the more practical planning for the competition and by April 18th all detailed should be set and sent to you including schedules. Already now you will some short notices below.

We ask you to log in and enter your participation formal by the link
When you registrate you will get an own referee-account where you are asked to fill in some detailed information. Please fill in all the required information latest by April 3rd.

Please book your flights as soon as possible to get as cheap tickets as possible and when you get the ticket please send us your receipt and our office will send your refund to the bankaccount that you wrote in your referee-account.

Please be aware to arrive before 17.00 Thursday 5th May and book your departure on Sunday May 8th not before 18.00.

You will reach Malmo from the Copenhagen Int.Airport in Denmark and then by train from the airport to the first station on Swedish ground which is “Malmö Hyllie”. The train costs 120 SEK per person. When you arrive to the station “Malmö Hyllie” just take the escalator up to the main entrance where you will meet our host who will take you to the hotel.

There will be no transports during the weekend due to the short distance between the hotel and arena.

On Sunday, after the price-ceremony (app. 16.30) we will transport you back to “Malmö Hyllie”.

All teams and officials will be accommodated at the ”Good Morning Hotel” which is situated close to the venue and the address to the hotel is Stadiongatan 21 and the phonenumber to the hotel are +46406728570. You can read more about the hotel at

Breakfast will be served at your hotel all mornings that you will be staying. The breakfast is served from 06.30. Lunches Friday-Sunday will be served at the lounge at the venue between 11.30-14.00.
Dinner with the opening ceremony will be served at the hotel 19.00 the 5th May.
Dinners Friday-Saturday will be served at the hotel between 19.30-21.30.
If you are staying extra-nights be aware of that there is just breakfast included for those nights.

In the cafeteria at the venue there will be possibility to get something to eat or drink between the meals.

The tap-water in Sweden is really good and holds a high quality, there is no problem to drink it.

The tournament will take place in “FIFH-hallen” which is our organisation´s own sportcenter and the venue have wooden floor. There is also a smaller hall that we will use as the warm up venue. We will use the German balls and use music and other things to keep up the competitions as a great event.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to mail them to us through your referee-account and you will get answers from the responsible person in FIFH.

We wish you welcome to Malmo and the Malmo Lady Intercup 2022

Peter Björkstrand
Tournament Director

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